7 ways to say I love you without saying the actual words

Ways to say I love you

Telling your partner how much you love them goes a long way in a relationship. Being able to do it in several different ways is even more romantic.

Here, we made a compilation of different romantic ways to say I love you to your partner without saying the actual words.

Different ways to say I love you

I am grateful for you
God knew precisely what He was doing when He brought me to you, and you to me. Through you, He demonstrated to me what love genuinely is. You have brought excellence to my life. You have brought fresh opportunities and expectation. You have brought kindness and peace, strength and love. You have favored me, and I am grateful for you.

You have me
You have my heart—every last bit of it. The majority of its brokenness and uncertainty, the majority of its delicacy and dread. The majority of the parts that beat uncontrollably at the sound of your voice, or jump at your touch. You have my attention —and I guarantee to keep them concentrated on you only. You have my grin and the manner in which the corners turns up at whatever point you stroll into the room. You have my bliss. You have my assurance. You have me.

Your strength
When you feel defeated, at the times you are at your lowest or weakest, I will be there. I will hold your hand and lift you from darkness. I will kiss away your tears and carry you to your feet once more. I will encourage you and go to fight with you. I will be your strength.

I pick you
You are the one I pick today. You will be the one I pick tomorrow. Also, you are the one I will continue picking each and every day. I know life will bring us weights and obstructions. I know once in a while we’ll be exhausted and baffled and tired of each other — yet I guarantee to continue picking you, picking us.

I will fight constantly for us
We probably won’t feel a similar way we do tomorrow, or two months from now, or six years not far off. We won’t generally have that spark, that fire, that power to our love. Be that as it may, I guarantee I will continue fighting for us to discover it. I guarantee to continue fighting to unite us. I guarantee to continue fighting for the people we used to be, and regardless of whether and when we change, I will fight to enable us to relearn one another and adore each other once more.

I’m not leaving
Regardless of what endeavors to wedge itself between us, regardless of what fallen angels come our direction, regardless of what turns and twists our ways take, I will be close by. I won’t run when our story composes a new ending. I won’t retreat when our plans don’t go as planned. I made a promise to you, and I plan to keep it. I’m not leaving.

I need you
I don’t simply want you. I don’t simply hunger for you. I need you as well. I need the glow your presence brings. I need the quietness to my storm. I need the manner in which you kiss me, or hold me, or converse with me, or cherish me. I have to realize that I will be yours, and I need you to realize that you’ll be mine always.