Funny Joke: Pregnant Woman Gets on a Bus


When you get on a bus, you never know who you are going to meet. Some people ride the bus same time every day just to get to work, while some take the bus occasionally so the faces you see in the bus changes.

This is a story of a pregnant woman who entered a bus and saw a man on the bus smiling at her, after changing seats several times she then decides to call the cops.

She was about 8 months pregnant and got on a bus heading out to a doctor’s appointment. She was on the phone and not paying attention to anyone around her. When she looked up she notices a man smiling at her, since she didn’t know the man she was a Lil bit uncomfortable.

In order to get out of the situation, she changed her seat and tried to get comfortable when she tried to look up the man smile had turned to a grin. She became nervous and changed seat for the second time.

When she moved seat again the man seemed more amused. She couldn’t find what he found so funny so she moved for the third time. This time around the man burst into laughter.

At this time she was extremely nervous because she was travelling alone and she didn’t know why the man was laughing so she went up and told the bus driver.

The bus driver didn’t want to take any chances so he decides to call the police. The police asked the driver to pull over so that they can remove the man from the bus. And the laughing man was arrested and the woman felt safer and more comfortable when he was removed from the bus.

About two weeks later the man had to face the judge in a court. The man, about 20years old stood in front of the judge well dressed and seem respectful, he even addressed the judge each time he spoke as your honor. The judge was curious as to why the man was so obnoxious on the bus so he asked the man if he had anything to say for himself.

The man said, when the woman got on the bus, he noticed her condition and smiled. He said it was a respectful smile, not a crazy one. He said when she sat down she sat right beneath the advertisement that read “The Doublemint Twins are coming” he said he found that funny because the woman was pregnant.

When she moved, the man told the court that she then sat under an advertisement that read “Logan’s liniment will reduce the swelling” the man said, since the woman’s belly was swollen he thought that the sign was funny and he couldn’t help but smile.

Then she moved under an advertisement that read “Williams big stick did the trick”. He said when he saw her seating under that sign he could barely contain himself.

The judge begins seeing a pattern here but he wanted to know why the man burst into laughter which actually caused him to be removed and got arrested.

The man told the judge that the last sign that she sat under read “Goodyear Rubber could have prevented this accident”. When the man told the judge what the last sign read, everyone in the courtroom broke out into laughter including the judge. And the judge dismissed the case because he realises that the man didn’t mean any harm or whatsoever, he was just reacting to something that was really funny.

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