How to get pink lips fast permanently

How to get pink lips fast permanently

Looking for how to get pink lips fast permanently? Get instant permanent pink and soft lips using this DIY homemade pink lips Remedy

We all know how beautiful it is seeing a pink lips, but it is even more beautiful having one yourself.

There is a sure sort of unexplainable magnificence that accompanies having pink lips. Everybody can admit to this.

Also, it is considered as a real part of the reasons why many individuals would do nearly anything to make their lips soft and pink.

In any case, in other to make it simple for you, in case you’re one of the individuals who might be looking for how to get pink lips fast permanently, we chose to demonstrate to you how to get it going.

Home remedy on how to get pink lips fast

1. Brown Sugar
The first ingredient is brown sugar, however, if you can’t lay your hands on brown sugar you can use white sugar, but brown sugar is preferably for this treatment.

2. Honey
Many of us know the numerous health benefits of honey. Honey is rich in antioxidants and it helps to keep your skin glowing.

3. Lightening Glycerin
Lightening Glycerin helps remove dark patches, pigmentation and it is a carrot extract which helps to polish up the skin and make your lips look so pink and plump.

4. Glutathione powder
Glutathione powder is our last ingredient in this homemade pink lips remedy. Glutathione powder helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, as well as lightening up the skin, it also removes pigment. We only need a small portion of it in this pink lips remedy. It’s going to leave your lips looking pink and flawless because it’s going to remove dark patches and inflammation.

Step by step procedure
To prepare this homemade pink lips remedy, just take a table spoon of brown sugar into a glass bowl, add some amount of honey (make sure you don’t put too much). Add one tea spoon of lightening glycerin. Add a pinch of glutathione powder. Stair it together to get some kind of smooth paste.

Then you apply it on your lips and scrub gently for about 2 minutes and after scrubbing, leave it on your lips for some minutes.

Note: Always make a new one each time you want to use it. And be consistent with your application if you want a permanent result. Personally I will advice you do this every night before going to bed.