How to Keep Dogs Healthy and Happy

How to Keep Dogs Healthy
Jack and Keano

Hey, I’m really excited about writing this post and I’m sure all you dog lovers will be excited as well when you finish reading this post about how to keep dogs healthy.

Maybe after reading this post some of you yet to consider owning a dog might even find yourself loving the idea of owning a dog as a pet.

Personally, I’m a dog guy, I love having a dog as a pet but the pictures you see in this post is that of a friend’s dogs.

Many people find it difficult figuring out how to keep dogs healthy and that is one of the reasons many don’t bother thinking of getting one. Knowing this is the major problems many people are facing, I asked a friend of mine who owns two dogs he bought last year (2019), how does he keep his dogs healthy and looking shinny?

How to Keep Dogs Healthy
Jack and Keano at age 8 weeks old

Theses are the dogs when he bought them when they were 8 weeks old In (May 20 2019)

Here is what he has to say:


This particular one, Jack is the most deadly. Doesn’t play with anyone. Sometimes I’m scared of him but the Vet advised that I should not fear because dogs can detect fear in your heart. Once he gets to know that I’m scared of him, it becomes a problem to handle.


Keano is more friendly to my family but hardly sleeps. Keeps watch 24/7 and barks at any movement he feels. He loves belly rub a lot and is a high flyer, that is he jumps to an incredible height a lot.

After I posted these dogs’ pictures, many dog lovers came inbox asking what I gave them that made them look so big, healthy with shinny coat. So I decide to give a generic reply here for anyone else who intends to ask same questions.

First thing I did immediately I bought them when they were 8 weeks old was to get a Vet to vaccinate 💉 them, deworm them, give them their antibiotics and multivitamins.

These injections 💉 are now the routine up to this day. Every month, the Vet comes to give them injection 💉 which includes their daily vaccines, deworming, antibiotics and multivitamins. Because we have never missed their dosage, they have never fallen sick for once.

Secondly, we keep their kennel extremely neat. Kennel is the dog house. We wash it with hypo regularly so that bacteria and other infections won’t breed there. We also bath them every Sunday with dog shampoo which keeps them very neat and smelling nice. These hygienic aspects has kept ticks and flees away from them.

Finally, we give them Diamond Puppy food. It’s one of the best dog foods out there that contains every nutrient they need to grow big, strong and shinny. I give them bread and egg or custard every morning and Diamond Puppy dry food every night. They eat just two times a day and of course plenty of clean water daily.

These three things above which are monthly Vaccines, uncompromising Hygiene and Diamond Puppy dry Food are the only things we do that kept them healthy, big and happy.

And there you have it, that’s how you keep dogs healthy and happy 😊. If you ever considered getting a dog as a pet, maybe this is the perfect time. No more worries about how to keep your dog healthy and clean.