14 ways on how to make your girlfriend happy

How to make your girlfriend happy

Trying to make a girl happy in a relationship can be a difficult task for some people. And we all know that what makes a particular girl happy is not necessarily going to make the other girl happy. But we have compiled some activities and actions to help you know how to make your girlfriend happy.

Trust me, noon of this things requires you to travel to the moon before you can make her happy.

1. Knowing how to make your girlfriend happy is a very important thing for every man and cooking for her once in a while is something she would appreciate a lot.

Regardless of whether you aren’t the best cook, reducing the brightness of the lights and lightning up a couple of candles while eating makes it such a romantic setting.

Truly, regardless of whether it’s only cheeseburgers, there’s something so romantic about lighting candles.

2. Leave a little note in her car or at her place with a sweet message on it. It doesn’t take much time to do than a couple of minutes and it will absolutely light up her day. You can also place this note in her regular hand bag or purse 👛.

3. Keep in mind the names of her friends. If you want to demonstrate you are interested in her life, you should make sure you don’t forget the names of her friends especially the ones she must have mentioned in a conversation. It demonstrates you remember the slightest details she must have shared with you.

4. Hold up until the point when she returns home to begin watching your favorite shows on the DVR. It’s a lot more enjoyable to watch together.

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5. Give her gifts, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Huge gifts can make things awkward on account of the amount of cash spent on such a gift. A little gift that originates from the heart can totally light up her day. It doesn’t need to be costly, simply thoughtful.

6. Notice little changes. It’s important you notice every little changes in her cos she expects you to. In the event that she styled her hair differently or a new eye shadow and you notice, it has a significant effect.

7. When you’re strolling around in broad daylight, don’t be hesitant to grab her hand and hold it. Not in a compelling, frightening manner, but rather in a natural way.

8. I get that not every person can bear to send a mammoth bunch of flowers constantly, yet simply sending a sweet text out of the blue is always a lovely surprise.

9. Plan a date all by yourself without anyone’s help. Nobody likes spending a hour trying to make sense of where you will eat, so regardless of whether it is anything but a mysterious night under the stars, the fact that you planned it all by yourself makes it unique.

10. Plan a date for her and her closest friend. I’m certain there’s a show she would love to head out to or a movie she’s dying to see that you would never want to go to. Preorder tickets for her and one of her friend and, on the off chance that you need to go significantly further, make them dinner reservations where the check is on you.

11. It might sound senseless, however running your fingers through her hair or simply kissing her on the cheek all of a sudden will make her vibe so unique.

12. Have a discussion without looking down at your mobile phone.

13. Outstanding amongst other things you can do is have an association with her family. On the off chance that her father likes you, you’re good to go.

14. In particular, focus on what she prefers and base your romantic gestures off that. There is no single route on how to make your girlfriend happy.

Now you know how to make your girlfriend happy. Add this things to whatever you are doing already and watch how you become Mr Incredible.

You have a special way you make your girlfriend feel special? – we would like to hear it. Share in the the comments section below