Tai Lopez Scam: Is Tai Lopez a Scammer?

Is Tai Lopez a scam

If you are a regular in the online space, the name Tai Lopez will definitely ring a bell. Tai Lopez is a very common name in the online space. And a common question people in the online space ask is, is Tai Lopez a scam? Or is he Trustworthy?

In this article, we will be looking at several things about Tai Lopez, ranging from how he makes his money, his net worth, how he got rich and if the cars and house you see in his videos are his.

By the end of this article, you will be able to understand a few things about Tai Lopez and how he does business to enable you to make a better judgement when dealing with him.

What is Tai Lopez’s Net worth?

We can’t really say for a fact that we know what Tai Lopez’s net worth is because nobody really knows. All we can do is speculate. Though some people estimate that Tai Lopez’s Net worth is 20 Million Dollars.

According to Tai Lopez in one of his videos, he claims to be making somewhere around 5 Million Dollars per month. So if we should go with Tai’s word, he should worth much more than the 20 Million Dollar people think he worth.

How Does Tai Lopez make money online?

Tai Lopez makes money online in various ways, which includes selling courses online, affiliate marketing, he also owns an e-commerce store selling sleep glasses, he also co-own a book shipping and e-learning company called Mentorbox, he has sponsors on his podcast.

Some years ago, Tai Lopez made a significant amount of money from running a scammy fleet of dating website. The complaints of these websites can still be found online.

On these websites, Tai uses fake matches to prompt people to signup for the premium accounts. And these websites were active from 2010 to 2015. By 2016 they have all been shut down. But since then his behaviour online has been better.

Does Tai Lopez Actually own all those fancy cars in his videos?

If you watch Tai Lopez’s videos you will definitely see him showcasing exotic cars. Well, we used to think he owns some of them but after our findings, we came to the conclusion that he may own a few but definitely leases some of them.

Does Tai Lopez actually own that fancy house?

If you ever watch Tai’s videos there is a particular fancy house Tai uses in his videos. That house is on a lease not own by Tai Lopez. That house cost about $6,588 per month to lease (according to Realtor.com) while zillow.com came to an estimate of $80,000 per month to lease that house.

Does Tai Lopez really keep stacks of cash in the house?

According to Neil Patel, that is not true, at least not real cash. Tai doesn’t keep real cash lying around his house because according to him he doesn’t want people to rob him.

How did Tai Lopez get rich

Tai was a broke teenager at the age of 22 back in 1998. 10 years later in 2008, he appeared on a TV show, The Millionaire Match Maker as a millionaire. So in 10 years, Tai went from a broke teenager to a millionaire, isn’t that amazing?

We understand that during that period he co-founded a wealth management company in 2003 where he made a significant amount of money.

Has Tai Lopez Helped other People get rich?

Yeah, it seems so, we tried getting in touch with some of his so-called successful students featured in one of his videos and they all seem legit and doing pretty well for themselves.

Considering a course bought by over 200,000 people, it’s not a surprise to see a few dozens of them succeed.

Can Tai Lopez help you get rich?

Maybe, but there is no guarantee that Tai is going to make you rich. According to Tai in the disclaimer at the bottom of each email to his mailing list: “Tai is a professional internet marketer. His success and the income possibility mentioned by his students are not typical and her not a guarantee you will make money. You could make more, less or none at all”.

Was Tai Lopez voted the Number One social media influencer by entrepreneur magazine?

On Tai’s about page, it says he was voted as the number one social media influencer by entrepreneur magazine. Indeed there is an article on entrepreneur.com which list Tai as the number one social media strategist to watch in 2017.

However, it’s important to note that this article was written by a content partner by the name “The Oracles” and it says on that same page that opinions expressed by entrepreneur contributors are their own. Which means, that article is a sponsored post and was not written by entrepreneur magazine meaning they did not vote him the number one anything.

Meanwhile, The Oracles is a networking group for six and seven figures entrepreneurs, they help their members increase their online visibility and elevate their credibility and guess who is a member? Tai Lopez.

Does Tai Lopez run the largest book club in the world?

Tai has several times claimed to run the biggest book club in the world including in a tweet 🐦 on April 2017. We are not sure what he is basing that claim on. We know Oprah runs one of the biggest and famous book clubs in the world. There are no facts to back Tai’s claim, the best we can say for Tai is that is company Mentorbox might be the largest paid book club in the world. But it’s unclear how many members they have.

Do celebrities like and respect Tai Lopez?

Yeah, it looks like it. We have seen him around celebrities like Rihanna, Tommy Hilfiger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, just to name a few.

Does Tai Lopez read a book a day?

Tai claims to read a book a day but that isn’t true. Tai skims a book a day and in one of his videos, he detailed how he quickly skims a book a day. So Tai doesn’t read a book a day.

Does Tai Lopez give refunds?
According to Tai, he claims there has never been a time someone asked for a refund and didn’t get it. But that’s not entirely true, cos there are complains online about people asking for refunds and didn’t get it. Some that got theirs didn’t find it easy at all, it took time and a long process before they could get it.

Are Tai’s courses any good?

We went through the 67 steps and social media marketing agency (SMMA) course.

The 67 steps offer good information but there is nothing new in it that is not readily available on Tai’s podcast and Youtube channel, so we don’t advice you to invest your money in it.

The SMMA course, on the other hand, is worth checking out. It is filled with great information from experts at such a low price.

Is Tai Lopez in MENSA

In his about page, Tai mentioned he is a member of Mensa and in our findings, we agree he is indeed a member of Mensa

Is Tai Lopez an Author?

Tai Lopez did write a couple of books and they are both listed on Amazon and published in 2012 but they seem not to be doing well with some bad reviews.

Is Tai Lopez selling a get-rich-quick scheme?

According to Tai, he doesn’t teach a get rich quick scheme,

Tai’s unfounded claims

Over the years, Tai has made some unfounded claims, and we don’t know where he gets his facts from.

In one of Tai’s sales page, Tai claims that the average American is $225,238 in debt. We don’t know where he got those figures.

NerdWallet publishes the debt study every year and the highest number they have published for the debt of American household, not a single individual is $137,063.

Tai also claims that GDP has gone up every single year for the last hundred years. Like the other claim, we don’t know where Tai gets his facts from but it seems he’s been misinformed.

According to the bureau of economic analysis GDP in the USA has seen some strange ups and downs since 1929. For example, both in nominal and real GDP decrease from 2008 to 2009.

Is Tai Lopez a scammer?

This pretty much depends on how you define the word “scam”, to know for sure, we went ahead and purchased two of his courses and they were delivered as promised but we will urge you not to trust everything that comes out of the man’s mouth because more often than normal he makes claims that are either outright lies or unsubstantiated. With that said, that doesn’t mean you won’t learn anything from him or he doesn’t teach real value. Let’s just say, for every 30 minutes you listen to Tai Lopez talk, you will get 10 minutes of value.

I hope this helps you in making a better decision when dealing with the man. Let us know in the comment section below if you have ever had an encounter with Tai Lopez and what your experience is.